Wedding Planning: Styling and florals to remember

Beautiful, elegant, unique… these are probably all words you would like associated with your wedding day, especially when it comes to the flowers and styling! There is no shortage of style inspiration but how do you sieve through all the ideas, bring together all the pretty details and create something truly special that just works?

We sat down with two of the best stylists/florists here in Perth – Mary Lannigan from Marielle Studio and Amy Preston from A Little Bohemia, both collaborators involved in the Wedding Upmarket styled shoot – to find out how to pull together your wedding styling, details and florals.

Hi Mary and Amy. Talk us through the Wedding Upmarket styled shoot and your approach to this. What was your inspiration behind this shoot?

Mary: Photoshoots are always a really collaborative effort. It is no use in me having an idea if it isn’t something that the photographer wants to shoot or the furniture companies want to showcase. For this shoot I worked really closely with Ali from Fields and Skies Photography on the whole concept. I put together a mood board knowing the location was lush and green – I really wanted to juxtapose the lush greenery with a romantic table scape… so lots of pinks, flowing fabrics and a touch of gold.

Amy: With Mary’s colour palette of golds, blushes and greys, we felt an ethereal approach to our flower style was important. With accents of gold and dusty blushes, the florals really reflected the romance of a garden wedding.

Mood board by Marielle Studio
Mood board by Marielle Studio


What are some trends you are both seeing so far for 2018?
Amy: We have definitely seen a turn away from the rustic style of 2017 and couples leaning towards moody or edgy florals for their day. Natural and garden inspired is something that I adore and more and more couples are embracing this relaxed romantic style as well.

Mary: Couples have been swaying back towards romantic florals and pastel palettes. In terms of styling, I am really loving blooms en Masse, meaning lots of flowers of the same type together with minimal greenery. Think hundreds of roses or dahlias, in varying shades, grouped together for a statement focal piece! I am actually planning an en Masse statement piece for Wedding Upmarket in May, so come and have a look and we can chat more about it.


For couples who are looking to create a unique wedding, what advice can you give them in approaching styling or working with their stylists and florists?

Mary: I would love it if the first question people asked me is “What would you do if you were me?” I think if you want something really unique or even cutting edge, ask your florist or stylist what they would do and trust them on it. Quite often I am asked to replicate a similar style to a wedding I have just done. To be honest, if you are planning your wedding a year or more out, styles will keep changing and be different by the time your wedding comes around. Ask us what new trends we think will be coming in and what we would like to be doing.

Amy: A big factor in your planning is having a connection with your suppliers involved in your wedding. Being both a florist and stylist has its benefits as it means we can help the bride create a cohesive look and feel to the day together. Also, although it is very easy to be influenced by current trends it also pays to stay true to what you really love… whether you are a fan of soft and romantic or dark and moody, we can work with what you love.


Amy, coordinating the florals for the styled shoot
Amy, coordinating the florals for the styled shoot


Are there any colours or florals that you think are overlooked – perhaps that people shy away from but can actually be beautiful?

Amy: For me, dusty toned blooms are a personal favourite, however autumnal tones like burnt oranges, golds and olive can also be very beautiful when mixed with creams and soft velvety greys and deep maroons.

Mary: I find that people stay away from including bright reds and oranges in their weddings – and I don’t know why! You can be really experimental with your colour palette while still having a wedding you will be happy to look back at in 30 years and still say “that looked great!” For some reason, people will often tell me they hate carnations. It is true that there are some not so nice looking carnations dying at service station flower stands, but carnations can actually be really, really beautiful and are very under-used. I wish I could somehow magically change their reputation.

Is there anything else you want to add as advice to couples planning a wedding right now?

Amy: My advice to couples is to make sure you trust the vendors that are helping to put your wedding together. The key to having a stress-free wedding is seeking help from and trusting a planner and stylist to take care of the details. Instead of exhausting yourself trying to be the coordinator and bride or groom, invest in a planner and soak up the whole day with your friends and family.

Mary: I agree. Find vendors that you trust and have a good vibe with. We will be working with you so closely – if you don’t trust your vendors to steer you in the right direction, it means you haven’t found the right ones yet! Sometimes we will tell you something will be better if done a different way. If you have someone you have faith in and really trust, you will enjoy the whole process a lot more and get the best result in the end.

Mary, who was behind both the styling and stationery for the styled shoot
Mary, who was behind both the styling and stationery for the styled shoot


Thanks ladies. We look forward to catching up at Wedding Upmarket!


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