Wedding Planning: Lighting that sets your day apart

Lighting is such a high impact feature of a wedding or event. It’s one thing that can often be overlooked in wedding planning.

Think about walking into a conference centre for a corporate lunchtime event with the bright, hard lights. There is nothing like fluorescent lighting to set the scene for work or learning. That same space in the evening could be transformed with soft feature lighting and you will instantly feel different when you enter the room – relaxed, comfortable, social. Great lighting can build an atmosphere and mood that sets your event apart from the everyday and can even be a unique feature for your wedding photos. Well worth putting some thought into!

Lauren Gillespie from Synapse Event Lighting says that lighting is something that guests really do notice.

“It makes people feel special when couples have gone to so much effort to create a beautiful space at their wedding for their guests to enjoy,” she said.

“The more detailed a wedding is the more guests feel included in the couple’s story. From florals, table décor, tableware and the use of lighting and candles – these little things are what come together to create a magical event.”

Photo: Fields + Skies Photography. Lighting by Synapse Events
Photo: Fields + Skies Photography. Lighting by Synapse Event Lighting


Lauren says she really enjoys being involved with weddings where the details are considered and there is a lot for guests to take in and observe.

“We have done a couple of weddings that are also a little left of centre where the focus has been on fun – think big balloon installations and lots of colour. Massive floral installations are fun too – a recent one at Joondalup involved hours on a scissor lift assisting the florist but the impact was amazing.”

“The recent trend is a shift away from simple festoon or fairy lights and towards the use of light fittings, which can look really special. Floral installations with lighting is also growing trend with a huge impact.

Lauren’s advice is not to leave lighting as a last-minute inclusion, whatever your budget is, try and allow for it ahead of time. Most importantly, this is not the time to attempt to DIY!

Lighting set up can be very complex and time consuming, requiring not only the lights but potentially extension cords, water protection, ladders…  Add to this that a lot of venues prefer approved vendors who use qualified electricians, equipment that is tagged and tested and have public liability insurance. This is why lights should be left with the experts so you can enjoy your day!

Photo: Fields + Skies Photography
Photo: Fields + Skies Photography


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