Tips for your wedding celebration – from keeping it real to scripting from scratch

You have your dream wedding dress, the right cake, and a photographer who truly gets what you want to capture on your special day. 

Now there’s all the other small but oh so important details to work on for the wedding celebration that takes a bit more thinking, reflection and personal choice 

A wedding celebration typically involves an exchange of marriage vows by a couple, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or celebrant, before the bridal party and guests head out to drink, eat and dance it out at the wedding reception. 

We’ve collected some top wedding celebration tips from our four Wedding Upmarket celebrants from their years of marrying couples all over Perth.

Scripts from scratch 

“Many aspects of love and marriage are universally important and relevant, so it’s only natural to hear recurring themes in wedding ceremonies – but the only way for you and your partner to be sure your ceremony is as unique as your love is to have a celebrant who writes their scripts ‘from scratch’, relating the universal themes in love and marriage back to your relationship and what makes it great.⁠”

We love, love these words from The Wedding Host, who believes that your wedding celebration words should be personal to your love story. One of the most important things to ask for when you’re meeting your wedding celebrant.

Work a crowd!

A wedding celebration can take up to an hour or more, depending on what you are after. That’s quite a bit of time for your guests and family members to be sitting or standing. So you need / want almost an “MC” of a celebrant who can work the crowd, and laugh at the funny personal stories or shed an emotional moment when you do share that love story. 

Which is why Annette Carone Marriage Celebrant believe in big smiles, big laughs and big hugs experiences, which you will get when you meet up and do rehearsals prior to the big day.

Aim for real 

We always talk about the “perfect” wedding because it is one of the most important days of our life that we won’t get back again. But the pressure for perfect is heavy and perhaps sways the bride and groom from enjoying the day and celebrating a special day. 


Dilhari from Kiss Me You Fool Marriage Celebrant, recently wrote “Perfection is the old black” and commented that we should instead aim for real. 


“Real is achievable, real is exciting and real will never let you down.  Real will allow you to have one heck of a smashing wedding day, that is all about the two of you and opens the door for a married life that far surpasses that ONE moment in time.”

Write your own story & vows 

Creating your own love story into a wedding vow is not an easy task. Putting into words your commitment, support and promises, and extent of what your other half means to you can be a big pressure. Especially if your love language is service, gifts or physical touch. 

This is where your marriage celebrant can help. 

Wedding Upmarket celebrant Penny Reynolds has created a list of questions to prompt you and your partner to help write your story, which can then also be used for your own vows.

As Penny says, “sometimes it is hard to get started on this element, but once you take the first few steps the story starts to flow.” So why not start with the typical 5W’s and 1H:

  • Who is the person you are marrying? 
  • Where did you first meet them?
  • When did you fall in love with them? 
  • What makes you love and cherish them?
  • Why are they your other half?
  • How will you continue to cherish your love for each other? 

Let it be heard

We want to make sure that after spending time writing your vows, sharing your story with your celebrant that it is heard by everyone attending your wedding celebration. All of our Wedding Upmarket celebrants:  The Wedding Host, Kiss Me You Fool Marriage Celebrant, Annette Carone Marriage Celebrant and Penny Reynolds  all offer PA systems as part of their services, where you can also stream your chosen music. 

And if you and your partner are looking for more music in your celebrations, you’re in luck because The Wedding Host also doubles us as a music DJ!

Celebrate the right way!

Want to meet our Wedding Upmarket celebrants in person to get more advice to make your special day start off on the right footing? 

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