Grow Daisies from Your Wedding Invitations!

Birthed from a passion for art and sustainability, Sarah from Turquoise Creative prides herself in providing eco-friendly alternatives to the tons of cards wasted in the world each year. Her mission is to offer products that are simple, eco-friendly and heart-warming.

Australians waste tons and tons of cards each year. Sarah is a strong believer that every action towards a healthier planet counts, as little as it seems. With this belief at the forefront of her mind, and a graphic design background in her pocket, Sarah moved onto designing and making plantable seeded cards.

“My goal is to offer products that are simple, eco-friendly and heart-warming. I just love knowing that 100% recycled cards will soon turn into flowers in people’s garden”


The Turquoise Creative plantable range is designed and made in Australia using 100% recycled handmade paper with embedded Swan river daisy seeds. The paper is collected from local organisations, business and schools. When the cards are planted, the paper will compost away to leave only flowers. They can be potted or sown directly into the garden soil.

More than a card, seeded cards are a gift and a card at the same time.

You can find Sarah and her plantable cards at the 2022 Wedding Upmarket on Saturday 30th April at UWA, from 10am – 3pm, or visit her website to view her range:

Very textured, recycled seeded paper is beautiful by essence. It also means that your guests can plant their cards and have something to remember your big day by.