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Wedding Upmarket brings together Perth’s most creative wedding designers and suppliers to help couples create a personal, meaningful and unique wedding experience

Image: At Last Co
Image: Fields and Skies

Our next Wedding Upmarket will take place on Saturday 29th April 2023 at The University of Western Australia's Winthrop Hall undercroft from 10am-3pm.

Applications are now open.  First round closes 31st January 2022 and will be made mid Feb. Second round offers close end Feb if spots still available You can register for eligibility at any time.

What is Wedding Upmarket?

Wedding Upmarket is a West Australian business, and our vision is to help creative small businesses like yourself, to thrive. We want to provide you with tools and support to help you before, on the day and well past the event.

Here is what sets us apart from other wedding fairs:

  • Our events are FREE  for couples to attend, so they can bring all their key decision makers.
  • Wedding Upmarket is held on the picturesque grounds of the University of Western Australia — centrally located between the north and south of Perth and boasting loads of free parking.
  • We attract high quality sponsors such as Nouba blog that help elevate our event and extend our reach.
  • We have a private Facebook group community where you can build ongoing business relationships with other exhibitors and where we share information and tips to help you maximise your day.
  • We spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in executing our highly targeted marketing plan in order to attract the right people, who are your target market, and ready to do business with you. Wedding Upmarket has previously been featured in White Magazine, Hello May, Nouba and Polka Dot Wedding, to name a few.
  • We have options for you to get involved in catwalk shows, pop up elopements, info sessions and other marketing opportunities on the day.
  • We hire a professional photographer and we give you access to the photos from the day.
  • We are a professional events team and pride ourselves on being highly organised.  Our aim is to make your day stress free and generate lots of leads to convert to bookings.
  • Our events are curated — we handpick the 50 best vendors, limiting the numbers in each category, to give customers choice and variety while minimising competition between exhibitors.

Who are we looking for?

The Wedding Upmarket is a curated event which means we handpick the best and most creative wedding suppliers and designers that we feel are a good fit for the Wedding Upmarket brand. More specifically, we are looking for creatives that:
  • appeal to brides wanting a custom and stylish wedding that stands out from the crowd.
  • are friendly and happy to collaborate with other designers and suppliers on the day and in between events through styled shoots etc. (there’s plenty of business to go around right?)
  • offer a boutique product/service (no mass produced or off the shelf)
  • have excellent styling, attention to detail and can think outside the box.
    This includes your stall presence on the day where expectations are high. Exhibitors are expected to curate a visually appealing space that reflects both their brand and the Upmarket aesthetic — we can provide support to do this.
  • are looking to generate leads and gain more bookings to grow their business.
  • are active on social media and will help to promote the event.
  • have professional images that we can use to promote their presence at the event.
Image: At Last Co

How do I get involved?

Joining Wedding Upmarket is a two step process:

Step 1: Create a profile in the MarketLife stallholder management system. Once you register you will receive a link to activate your account within 7 days. You can create a profile at any time.

Step 2: Once you have completed your profile, you can then APPLY for specific Perth Upmarket events directly.

Please check dates as once we have passed the cut off dates to apply we cannot take late applications. All applicants to events will be informed on the Application Notification Date.

Please note that we receive many more applications for the event than spots available and we limit the number of exhibitors in each category. Please note that not everyone who applies for Perth Upmarket is deemed the right fit for this event and may not be accepted.

To increase your chance of securing a spot, please:

  • provide detailed information in your business description. If you’re a food retailer, include information regarding your menu.
  • provide professional photos to showcase your work — the more the better.
  • include a photo of a past stall set up or sketch of what you are proposing.

What do I get if I am accepted?

As a Wedding Upmarket exhibitor, you will receive:

  • Your own space to showcase your offering and talk to customers. 
    You are expected to be present at the event at all times.
  • Website listing in our online exhibitors’ directory with a picture and link to your website.
  • An image and description about your business in our market guide which is hosted online and given away on the day.
  • Insurance cover for public liability at no extra cost.
  • Access to professional photos of the day. (These are taken at the photographers’ discretion.)
  • Tools and support to help you drive traffic to your stall, be successful on the day and after.
  • Option to participate in our informative Wedding Insider sessions.
  • Option for additional paid promotion through our digital channels.
Images: Fields and Skies

What are the cost and stall sizes?

Stall sizes

Large inside 3m x 3m (4 spots avail) $900
Medium inside 3m x 1.5m $655
Small inside 2m x 1.5m $585
Verandah outside 1.8m x. 1.5m $440
Food or vehicle outside $440
Ceremony set up outside 6m x 10m $440


We have a handful of opportunities for aligning businesses to join us as event partners/sponsors.

You will provide services to the event in return for either a space at the event and/or other promotional services to our customer and retailer database.

Specifically, we are looking for partners for limited opportunities as:

  • event photographer
  • event videographer
  • prize giveaways
  • event stylist and consulting stylist to exhibitors
  • media sponsor
  • structure sponsor
  • music sponsor


Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Sorry, once spots are confirmed with payment we do not offer refunds. Please read our full terms and conditions before applying.

When will I find out where my space is?

You will receive a floor plan and bump in info the week prior to the event. If you have a specific request please include it on your application. We will do our best to accommodate.

What are the event and application dates?

Our next Wedding Upmarket will take place on Saturday 29th April 2023 at The University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall undercroft from 10am-3pm.

Applications are now open for 2023. First round closes 31st January 2023 and will be made mid Feb 2023. Second round offers close end Feb if spots still available. You can register for eligibility at any time.

Are there any special conditions for food retailers?

Food retailers must be a registered food business, comply with the market stall food regulations and will be required to complete an Application for Temporary Food Business with the local council as the council food safety offers are in attendance at every market and no refunds will be given to retailers who fail to comply or get approval in time.

This applies to exhibitors offering tastings as well as those selling food or beverages for consumption on the day.

Additionally, due to COVID you must ensure all your staff are fully vaccinated in order to attend and work at the event. There are additional requirements as a food or beverage vendor due to COVID which will be communicated to you upon successful application. These change as the climate around COVID changes and as such we do not list these requirements on the website. It is your duty as a food or beverage retailer to meet these requirements and failure to do so means you will not be able to trade at the event and no refunds will be given to retailers who fail to comply.

If my registration for eligibility is unsuccessful, will I receive feedback?

Applications for events

Not all applications are suitable. Due to the large number of applications we receive, we are unable to provide individual feedback. Applications for events are normally assessed within 2 weeks of the closing date.  Every applicant will receive an email advising if they have been successful in securing a space or placed on the reserves list. The number of other retailers in your category can impact on your chance of acceptance as well as how closely you rate on our eligibility criteria.  If you have not been successful, we suggest that you review our tips for applying for markets and if you have revised your stall presentation, branding, photos etc or, please make sure they are included with your application so we can reassess you. Please check and apply within the open dates.

Can I share a space?

Yes, we may allow you to share a space with an aligning, approved business. Your product/service must work well together and be complimentary.  The cost of doing this is the price of the stall fee + $165 for the second exhibitor advertising, then divided for each retailer’s portion.  Please ask if you want more information.

Do you have change rooms?

We have a communal change area at the back of the hall which you are welcome to use. A clothing rack can also be provided to hang dresses on.

Are there ATMs at the market?

There are ATM’s located at the UWA Guild and on Broadway which is a 5 minute walk each way.  If you are selling items, it is best if you bring an eftpos of paypal device.

Will I be able to access power?

Power is limited and is carefully placed in safe positions to meet the requirements. Food retailers who should notify us of power requirements on the event application form. There are some power outlets within the buildings for general use. You may find it along the windows or stalls in the middle will find it under the carpet near the pillar. Please ensure anything plugged in has a tagged and tested cord.  Failure to do this will mean you will not be able to connect to power.

Do you provide any walls or structures for my space?

No, we will mark out your space and it’s up to you to bring all structures and equipment to make it look amazing! You will be able to unload near the venue.  We will send you a copy of our styling and expectations guide once you are accepted into the event.