News – Marriage Equality & the Changing Face of Bridal Fairs

Perth’s Wedding Upmarket is on this month and, in the lead up to the national plebiscite, some wedding suppliers are calling for greater diversity to be represented at bridal fairs.

According to Wedding Upmarket founder and creative director, Justine Barsley, many of the vendors at the event work with same sex couples, although bridal fairs are still broadly marketed towards heterosexual couples.

“We would hope that all couples feel welcome and included at our event so that they can come and plan their special day,” Justine said.

“Wedding Upmarket is about planning unique celebrations and we need to find ways to ensure this includes every couple – we are looking for ways to ensure the event represents everyone and would love to hear what customers would like to see.”

Marriage celebrant Ann Lord, a regular Upmarket exhibitor, believes that marriage equality is a long time coming and said she would love to see wedding fairs become more representative of the diversity of our population.

“Smart wedding vendors have been making it known for a while that they’re open to supporting ALL couples in love,” she said.

“We’ve seen same-sex couples saying they want to celebrate their commitment in front of family and friends and NOT wait for the law to change; others have been adamant that they’ll wait and marry under Australian law.

“Personally I’d love to see wedding fairs a little bit more representative of the diversity of our population, whether that’s about couples in same-sex relationships or perhaps from the range of cultures that make up our great nation.”

Ann encourages everyone, regardless of how they feel about the idea of a ‘postal survey’, to make sure they are enrolled to vote and have their say.

Find out more about Wedding Upmarket here: – the next event is from 10am-3pm Saturday 26 August at the University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall.


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